EXMAR Infrastructure provides innovative floating infrastructure solutions to the oil & gas industry covering the entire lifecycle of the project, starting from development studies, engineering, and construction supervision, to moving into leasing/ownership, and operations & maintenance after delivery.

In an energy world that is in full transition, Exmar has proven knowledge and skills to transport and handle gas molecules.  As such, the company is ready when the market is ready to switch to a new form of energy supply.

Excellence in research, technology and innovation is at the core of Exmar’s business and it was proved throughout the development of different technologies in the LNG business as well as in transportation of LPG. The company is engaged in finding opportunities to enhance value and achieve business objectives in a faster, cost-efficient, simpler and improved manner.

With the industry undergoing on a major transition, Exmar is developing a solid portfolio to meet the requirements of an evolving energy mix, with a more dominant role for gas and environmental friendly solutions in the future.  New floating and more efficient infrastructure for each step in the LNG value chain is being developed, as well as further progress is being made on innovative floating energy developments in the ammonia, CO2, and power areas.

Floating LNG regasification activities

Having pioneered floating LNG regasification business over 15 years ago, EXMAR has built-owned-operated and commissioned 10 FSRUs around the globe.

The floating storage and 660 mmscfd regasification unit FSRU S188 fully owned by Exmar is currently employed in the port of Eemshaven, the Netherlands, chartered to the company Gasunie until 2027.  By receiving warm water and power from shore, the unit is one of the most environmentally friendly in the market.

Moreover, today EXMAR is developing several FSRU projects in various development stages.

Floating LNG liquefaction activities

Exmar is within the selected group of companies providing liquefaction solutions on floating assets, having started in 2019 with the first LNG produced from Tango FLNG, a 0.6 mmtpa floating unit that was recently sold to ENI.

EXMAR is ENI’s partner for the successful implementation and operations of the LNG production of such unit offshore Congo.

Next to this transaction, EXMAR is working on the development of several FLNG projects ranging between 0.5 up to 5 MTPA, considering different kind of assets with different times to market.  Depending on the particularities of the specific project, Exmar can offer an FLNG unit that can be operational in a timeframe of between two and three years.

Offshore floating storage and production solutions

The company provides services for converting an LNG carrier to a floating storage unit, with already a track record in this matter.  Currently our fully owned vessel EXCALIBUR is under a conversion process into a FSU to be employed by ENI in Congo.

Furthermore, FSU solutions of different kinds are part of Exmar’s alternatives to offer to its Clients with customized solutions.  The company closely monitors opportunities where it can add value to its customers in the provision of oil & gas storage and processing solutions.

Infrastructure engineering and operational services

EXMAR Offshore Company (EOC) is a recognized oil and gas engineering company established in 1997 with experts ranging from professional engineers to naval architects. EOC has developed a proprietary hull design OPTI® for floating oil and gas production platforms in deep water areas such as the Gulf of Mexico. With four OPTI® production facilities delivered based on the OPTI® design, EOC has become a recognized and reputable supplier of cost-effective and purpose-built project solutions in this area.

DV Offshore is a niche marine expert contractor which belongs to the EXMAR group since 1999 and provides contracted engineering, audits and technical assistance to oil & gas companies with respect to floating terminals, offshore mooring installations and subsea piping.


Implementing floating oil and gas infrastructure requires dedicated and extensive project development effort and time. Each project has specific infrastructure needs for processing the product, mooring, storage as well as regulatory approvals.

The in-house availability of turnkey expertise in oil & gas handling and storage, engineering of mooring and other marine infrastructure, combined with operations and maintenance capabilities are the unique added value EXMAR provides its clients in this respect.

By taking care of all development aspects, from feasibility studies and moving into ownership, leasing, installation, testing and all-in-one operations and maintenance services, EXMAR offers the customer the assurance and comfort of a fast-track, cost-effective and low-risk solution for his business case.