EXMAR Infrastructure provides innovative floating infrastructure solutions to the oil & gas industry both by making use of its asset portfolio and through developing new assets for near-shore and offshore production, processing, storage or other ancillary services. The entire lifecycle is covered starting from development studies, engineering, and construction supervision, to moving into leasing/ownership, and operations & maintenance after delivery.

EXMAR Infrastructure currently owns four barge-based floating service infrastructure units: Tango FLNGFSRU S188 and the two accommodation barges Nunce and Wariboko. Our operations and maintenance teams take care of the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the floating infrastructure assets entrusted to their management as per highest quality and sustainability standards.

Tango FLNG is to be considered as a floating terminal which liquefies natural gas into LNG for export purposes. The FSRU S188 regasifies imported LNG into natural gas. Both units thus revisit the traditional LNG value chain, and constitute low cost and flexible substitutes to the land-based terminals traditionally used for LNG import/export.

Both units allow customers to enter these markets at a competitive cost for substantially lower volumes than ever before. The Tango FLNG and FSRU S188 can be mobilized quickly and without major investment on site next to the pipeline infrastructure or offshore. The Tango FLNG can feed an LNG carrier with gas transformed to LNG onboard the unit meant for export. The FSRU S188 can regasify imported LNG and feed a pipeline with gas for domestic or industrial consumption purposes.

Accommodation barges are an essential element in the development, exploration and production of offshore oil & gas fields providing the necessary hotel infrastructure to operators and contractors in the immediate neighbourhood of the oil and gas exploration and production activities.

EXMAR Offshore Company, Houston (EOC) and DV Offshore, Paris (DVO) complete and compliment the Infrastructure activities with strong marine and production engineering capabilities and experience which are provided as services to the oil & gas industry. EXMAR Offshore Company has developed a proprietary design floating production facility OPTI® for deep water floating oil and gas production. Three OPTI® production facilities have been designed to date.

DV Offshore are a small size marine expert contractor providing design and project support services with respect to marine infrastructure to oil & gas companies and operators. Recent focus has been on developing studies and mooring systems for floating windmill farms in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.