Care for today, respect for tomorrow

EXMAR attaches the upmost priority to the health, safety and well-being of its personnel at sea and on shore, the quality of its assets and equipment, and the protection of the environment.

EXMAR values the energy and importance of all stakeholders in our business activities, whether they are our shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners or the citizens of the world whom we ultimately serve.

EXMAR considers compliance, respect for the environment and contribution to society as basic obligations of any company and every citizen.

EXMAR strives to reach beyond these basic fundamental duties and obligations. It aims for long term business commitments rather than short term gains. The company aims to achieve genuine, long term shareholder value whilst also ensuring shared value creation with all its stakeholders.

Within a changing world and increasing reporting standards with respect to sustainability, EXMAR has incorporated its Environmental Social Governance-charter in the 2022 Annual Report.